How Was Work?

I interview game creators and learn about the details of their work that day.

Each episode is a brief discussion trying to get at what it's like to work in a particular field. We might break down the tools someone uses, or broader strokes of their company's structure, or if they even have a "typical" day.

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    18 - Don Eskridge - Publishing And Developing

    Don talks about his new game Abandon Planet. He discusses customer interaction, the new responsibilities of being a publisher, and how he quantifies progress.

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    15 - Theresa Duringer - VR

    Theresa talks about the demands of working in VR gaming, and working with a custom game engine.

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    14 - Dene Carter - Ritual systems

    Dene speaks of his game about ritual. We discuss intentional games versus unexpected, systemic experiences.

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    Dana Trebella - Spoke And Wheel

    Dana explains the amount of time that goes into PR work, specifically the hours of communication required every day.

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    Peter Angstadt - Kingdoms and Castles

    Pete discusses making a variety of walls for his castle simulator, and the satisfaction he gets from learning new skills like art and color.

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